RISE project

Responsabilité et Innovation Sociale des Entreprises

RISE focuses on socially responsible and innovative practices by and within corporations and other forms of organizations. Established in 2012, this experiential learning program aims to foster social and innovative corporate practices in France and beyond. It also functions as a cutting-edge laboratory and incubator of ideas, and a platform for reflexion, cross-learning and exchanges between students, legal academics, lawyers, corporate and other professional actors engaged in this field.

RISE includes two complementary features : a yearly clinical seminar, and team work on clinical project

The clinical seminar (24h per semester) focuses on challenges of governance, both internal to a company/structure (e.g. shareholder and stakeholder responsibility, financing) and external (respect for human rights, anti-curruption, environmental standards). 

In parallel to the seminar, students spend on average half a day per week dedicated to clinical team work on a project commissioned by a partner (company, law firm, professional organization, local government…). Students typically work on realizating memos, practical guides, field studies or prospective legal studies. Their project can also consist of preparing, organizing and animating an event or a debate, often with a written account (e.g. joint scholarly publishing, report, or other). Each team of students is supervised throughout the realization of their project by a tutor, mostly seasoned professionals, including lawyers tutoring projects as pro bono, as well as Faculty members of the Sciences Po Law School 

RISE is a selective program open to students in their second year of Masters at the Sciences Po Law School as well as PSIA students in selected masters. Its clinical seminar is taught in French, and the realization of projects requires a good level of French. It benefits from interventions, tutoring and support by a remarkable network of professionals from consulting, law firms, as well as the corporate world. 

The RISE program is co-taught by Marie Bouchard, Pierre Bourdon, Pierre-Louis Perin and Pierrick Le Goff.

Projects 2019-2020

Project 1: Alstom "corporate purpose" 

The project aims to reflect on the challenges of the notion of "corporate purpose" ("raison d'être") created by the PACTE Act within Alstom, to conceive and propose a methodology for adopting a "corporate purpose" adapted to Alstom and to define a "corporate purpose" for Alstom. This project is part of Alstom's ongoing efforts to improve its corporate governance and CSR practices. 

  • Partner: Alstom
  • Tutor : Gabriel Lecordier

Project 2: Anticor

In partnership with Formindep and EurosForDocs, the students will assist Anticor in building an exhaustive overview of the French and European rules on the prevention of conflicts of interests in the medical sector (medical experts, academics, agencies, etc.). Based on that framework and datas extracted from public declarations, they will work on propositions for a better supervision system and ways to advocate for it. 

  • Partner: Anticor - Formindep - EurosForDocs
  • Tutor : Pierre Farcot 

Project 3: OECD


  • Partner: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Public Sector Integrity Division
  • Tutors : Jeanne Sulzer and Jean d'Aspremont

Project 4: Labels RSE : analyse des pratiques et des attentes des parties prenantes

Le projet vise à présenter aux membres de la Plateforme RSE, instance de concertation multi-parties, un état des lieux des pratiques des entreprises portant sur les labels RSE et une analyse des attentes des différentes parties prenantes en la matière. L’équipe en charge du projet réalise une revue de la littérature académique et professionnelle sur le sujet, tant en France qu’à l’international, élabore une cartographie des labels RSE existants et mène des entretiens avec les parties prenantes concernées. France Stratégie, organisme d'expertise et d'analyse prospective placé auprès du Premier ministre, coordonne le projet en tant que secrétariat permanent de la Plateforme RSE.

  • Partner: France Stratégie
  • Tutors : Pierre-Louis Périn, Elsa Savourey

Project 5: Conditionality and development

Many development financial institutions subordinate the granting of funding to compliance with non-financial requirements in several areas (environment, social, public procurement, etc.). As the issue of sustainable finance is taking on greater importance, such policies carry special significance. A further exploration of these techniques may therefore be required. 
Such inquiry takes on a specific dimension as environmental and social commitments of companies are the basis for recent litigation before several jurisdictions. For this project, the Agence française de développement (AFD) asks students to provide a practical and prospective reflection on the risks that are related to these techniques by drafting a documented report which will, if necessary, formulate concrete proposals to adapt internal practices. 
  • Partenaire : Agence Française de développement
  • Tutor : Sonia Fodil-Chérif

Project 6: Resource Matters 

Le projet fait suite à un projet mené en 2018-2019. Il a pour but de mettre en lumière les risques spécifiques liés à la corruption dans les chaînes d'approvisionnement du cobalt - un minerai stratégique dans la transition écologique car utilisé dans les batteries des véhicules électriques - en provenance de la République Démocratique du Congo, qui possède plus de 50% des réserves mondiales. Le projet proposera d'élargir les définitions normatives internationales pour la mise en oeuvre de diligences raisonnables dans les chaînes d'approvisionnement en y intégrant le risque de corruption à haut niveau. Le projet présentera également une phase de recherche sur les pratiques des entreprises du secteur des trottinettes électriques - un objet qui fait désormais partie de notre quotidien.

  • Partner : Resource Matters
  • Tutor : Caroline Avan

Former projects

Rise projects 2016-2017 (PDF, 220 Ko)

Rise projects 2017-2018 (PDF, 391 Ko)

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