Emilien Fargues

Émilien Fargues is a Phd Candidate in Political Science / Political Theory at the CEVIPOF - Sciences Po. He is also Temporary Lecturer in political science at the Centre for European Research on Administration, Politics and Society (CERAPS) at the University of Lille 2. He holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science / Political Theory from Sciences Po.

Throughout his PhD, Émilien has been a visiting researcher at the London School of Economics, the University of Oxford as part of the “OxPo” agreement, at the University of Queensland and at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Citizenship and Minorities (CIRCEM) at the University of Ottawa, where he collaborates with Elke Winter and Delphine Nakache.

His doctoral research focuses on naturalisation and citizenship revocation in France and the UK. Drawing on interviews and observations with civil servants, judges and lawyers, Émilien investigates the justifications that ground decisions to refuse and to withdraw naturalisation on both sides of the Channel and analyses the conceptions of the national community they reveal.


Research Fields

Grounded political theory, Sociology of citizenship and migration policies, Ethnographic approach to public policies, Comparative case study analysis

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