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"The role that fear and anger play on the rise of authoritarian parties"

An article (PDF, 371 Ko) written by Georges E. Marcus, Nicholas A. Valentino,Pavlos Vasilopoulos, & Martial Foucault, published in  Political Psychology

"Debate: When abortion is ‘haram, ’women find strategies to claim their rights"

An article written by Hazal Atay : Many women took to the streets worldwide on September 28, the global day of action for safe abortion successes and put forth new demands for women’s right to access safe, free and legal abortion... Read the article in The Conversation

 "Authoritarianism and political choice in France"

An article written  by Pavlos Vasilopoulos & Romain Lachat published in Acta Politica.  Read the article (PDF, 561Ko)

"The rise of populism and the collapse of the left-right paradigm: Lessons from the 2017 French presidential election"

Discussion Paper by Yann Algan, Elizabeth Beasley, Daniel Cohen et Martial Foucault published by Centre for Economic Policy Research. Read the paper (PDF, 773Ko)

2nd IAST-Sciences Po Paris conference on political economy and political science, Toulouse, France, July 5–6, 2018

With Martial Foucault, Sylvain Brouard, Patrick Le Bihan & Romain Lachat, from CEVIPOF Read the Program (PDF, 416Ko) & the abstracts (PDF, 421Ko

WAPOR 71st Annual Conference 27-30 June 2018 in Marrakesh, Morocco

With Martial Foucault, Pavlos Vasilopoulos on What Led to Support for the Front National n the 2017 French election? – Testing Old and New Explanations. Read the abstract

"Explaining Gender Gaps in Legislative Committees"

An article written by Rejane Senac & Rainbow Murray published in Journal of Women, Politics & Policy Read the article

"The road to anomie: the rise and decline of public service unions in France"

This article attempts to demonstrate that public service industrial relations in France are closely linked to a historical model that has its roots in the construction of the Republican system as early as Luc Rouban in the Labor History.  read the article (PDF, 1,16Mo)

"How terrorism affects political attitudes: France in the aftermath of the 2015–2016 attacks"

The impact of the multiple terror attacks across France on public attitudes is now online by Martial Foucault, Sylvain Brouard & Pavlos Vasilopoulos   To read in West European Politics Journal


International Conference organized by CEVIPOF LinX and CEMAS. (For more information)

 "Does Unbundling Policy Authority improve Accountability?"

Article by Dimitri Landa, et Patrick Le Bihan published in The journal of Poltics. Read the Article (PDF, 751 Ko)

 "Which way from left to right?"

The relation between voters’ issue preferences and left–right orientation by Romain Lachat To read in IPSR Journal

"Authoritarianism and political choice in France"

By Pavlos Vasilopoulos & Romain Lachat, published in Acta Politica
Authoritarianism is a key concept in personality psychology, with a strong impact on political behavior in the United States. Yet, it has rarely been included in studies of political behavior in Europe. ....Read the full Article (PDF, 520Ko)

 2017 Wilson Award

For the best paper at the 2016 APSA

Pavlos Vasilopoulos and Martial Foucault together with George E. Marcus (Williams College) and Nicholas Valentino (University of Michigan) have received the 2017 Wilson Award for Best Paper Presented at the 2016 American Political Science Association (APSA) prize over their article Fear, Anger and Voting for the Far right: Evidence from the November 13 Paris Terror Attacks