Guillaume Beaud is a PhD candidate in Political Science, Comparative Politics at Sciences Po, affiliated with the Center for International Studies (CERI) since 2020.

His research focuses on state bureaucracies in comparative and historical perspective, with particular regard to the institutions framing civil servants’ recruitment, training, and careers. His doctoral research explores the transformation of civil services in the Islamic Republic of Iran and in post-colonial Pakistan, focusing on provincial elite bureaucrats as well as diplomats.

Guillaume is recipient of a doctoral contract from Sciences Po and conducts his PhD under the supervision of Christophe Jaffrelot (CNRS/CERI-Sciences Po) and Philippe Bezès (CNRS-CEE-Sciences Po). He is an Affiliated Research Fellow at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), in Lahore, Pakistan.

Before joining the CERI, Guillaume had graduated in Political Science from King’s College London, before pursuing a MRes in Comparative Politics at Sciences Po, and a MA in Middle Eastern studies and Persian at the National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO). His master’s thesis analyzed the reconstruction of a diplomatic corps in post-revolutionary Iran, relying on interviews as well as archival and prosopographical data. His bachelor’s thesis studied the institutional competition between bureaucratic segments of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs over the design of foreign policy towards Iran (2003-2015).


Construire et réformer l'État et la relation à l'État par la fonction publique : Loyauté, expertise et représentativité des hauts fonctionnaires en républiques islamiques d'Iran et du Pakistan, sous la direction de Christophe Jaffrelot et Philippe Bezès

Research Interests

The Civil service in Iran and Pakistan

  • Languages

    French, English, Persian
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