Governing City Energy Transitions in Mobility

25 Mars, 2022 - 09:30 - 13:00

Workshop of the Key Theme "The state as producer of public policies"

Sciences Po, Room K.011, 1 Saint-Thomas d'Aquin, 75007 Paris, Compulsory Registration

Golden Sikorka @_shutterstock Green voitures, vélos trotinette, vélos devant des arbres et des immeublesThis workshop explores the transformations of energy transitions in Western European cities, addressing the formidable challenge of governance of these transitions by city energy uses and the increasing weight of mobility challenges as part of these. In the face of important environmental commitments in the form of decarbonization strategies, road space allocation and reallocation of energy uses for the purposes of enhanced sustainability, how is the choice for electric mobility made in large metropolis?

What are the specific challenges of the rapid expansion of centralized and decentralized services to these environmental goals? How can the governance of mobility services be reconciled with encompassing environmental goals, and how can it potentially redefine mobility plans in cities? The contributions from the participants will investigate these different dimensions from the perspective of researchers and practitioners.


9.30-9.50 am: Welcome and introduction

9.50 -10.10 am: "Towards a fair energy transition? Energy consumption and residential segregation in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area". Mar Esteve-Güell, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Researcher from the Grup d'Estudis sobre Energia Territori i Societat

10.10 -10.30 am: "The policy challenge of regulating sustainable transportation services in Spanish Cities between harmonization and disruption", Alvaro Artigas, Research Associate at Sciences Po, CEE & José Maria Castellano, Universidad Pompeu Fabra

10.30 -10.50 am: "Street space contestation. The growing role of city authorities as street space managers", Charlotte Halpern, Sciences Po, CEE

10.50 -11.10 am: Discussion

11.10 -11.30 am: Break

11.30 -11.50 am: "Pony’s strategy for electric mobility." Guillaume Leroux, Responsable de Relations Publiques de Getapony

11.50 -12.10 pm: "Tiers’s strategy for electric mobility." Pauline Gain, Responsable Senior Affaires Publiques, Tier
12.10 -12.30 pm: "FreeNow's strategy for electric mobility in Southern Europe" Elia Ferrer Travé, Free Now, Senior Manager Public Affairs France, Spain and Portugal

12.30 -13 pm: Discussion and conclusive remarks

Workshop organized by Sciences Po, CEE with the collaboration of the Universidad Pompeu Fabra from Barcelona

Compulsory Registration

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