Public investment policies in Europe

6 Septembre, 2021 - 09:30 - 7 Septembre, 2021 - 15:30

Workshop of the key theme Transformations of Capitalism

Sciences Po, Salle du Conseil, 13 rue de l'Université, 75007 Paris, Compulsory Registration  

Monday 6 September, 9.30 am - 6 pm

9.30 am: Welcome

10 am - 12 pm: Panel 1: The Financialization of Public Policies

Discussant: Eve Chiapello (EHESS, CEMS) 

Pierre Alayrac (EHESS, CMH) and Antonin Thyrard (EHESS, CEMS) - The three ages of European productive investment policies

Thomas Hélie (University of Reims, CRDT) and Loïc Meuley (Université de Strasbourg, Sage) - Portrait of the European Union as a “cultural business angel”. Public investment instruments as vectors for the diffusion of an “entrepreneurial ethos” in cultural and creative fields

Matthias Thiemann (Sciences Po, CEE) and Dan Mocanu (Cambridge University) - Chasing Unicorns with public money: The crucial role of Public Actors in the rise and stabilization of the Venture Capital Market in the EU 

12 - 1.30 pm: Lunch break  

1.30 - 3.30 pm: Panel 2: Theory of the “Investment State”

Discussant: Cornelia Woll (Sciences Po, CEE & MaxPo) 

Fabio Bulfone, Timur Ergen (Max Planck Institute) and Manolis Kalaitzake (University of Edimburg) - The Political Economy of Corporate Welfare

Philipp Golka (Leiden University) - Subsidize finance and all profit? Social impact investing and the rise of the leveraging state in Britain

Ulrike Lepont (ENS Cachan, IDHES) - Public Spending and Austerity: The Two Faces of the “Investment State” 

3.30 - 4 pm: Break 

4 - 6 pm: Panel 3: National Case Studies: The “Investment State” in action

Discussant: Daniel Mertens (University of Osnabrück) 

Adam D. Dixon (Maastricht University) - Retroliberal Development and Strategic Investment Funds: The Case of Ireland

Edgars Eihmanis (EUI) and Marek Naczyk (University of Oxford) - Thinking big or small: Reform complementarities and SME upgrading in Hungary and Poland
Damien Piron (UCLouvain) - Public investing in a highly centrifugal federation committed to fiscal consolidation: Belgium’s “public finance trilemma” 

Tuesday 7 September, 10 am - 3.30 pm 

10 am - 12 pm: Panel 4: The implementation of public investment policies at the regional level

Discussant: Andy Smith (Sciences Po Bordeaux, Centre Emile Durkheim) 

Björn Bremer, Donato Di Carlo and Leon Wansleben (Max-Plank Institute) - Fiscal federalism and the constrained politics of public investment

Antoine Ducastel (CIRAD, ART-DEV), Edoardo Ferlazzo (EHESS, CEMS) and Camille Rivière (EHESS, CEMS) - Financing the Ecological and Energy Transition in France, a bottom-up analysis of public financial circuits

Clara Volintiru (Bucharest University of Economic Studies, ASE) - Who is Leading the Change? Multi-level Stakeholder Mapping of the Just Transition in Romania 

12 - 1.30 pm: Lunch break 

1.30 - 3.30 pm: Panel 5: Understanding the historical trends in European public investment policies

Discussant: Ulrich Klüh (Darmstadt Univesity) 

Cornel Ban and Leonard Seabrooke (Copenhagen Business School) - Elite Fidelity in Crisis Management Regimes

Vanessa Endrejat (Max-Plank Institute) - The Political Battlegrounds of Debt and Deficit: How the Struggle to Define Government Finance Statistics Fuels the Marketization of Public Policies

Antonin Thyrard (EHESS, CEMS) - A ‘leverage turn’ for Cohesion? On the actors, networks and organisational arrangements performing the shift to financial instruments within the EU structural funds and policies.

Compulsory Registration 


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