Zoé Evrard

Doctorante, Sciences Po, CEE & MaxPo

Zoé Evrard studied political science, economics, and philosophy at the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, and at Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her Master's thesis in political science focused on the gradual transformation of pension schemes in Belgium. During her graduate studies, she also became active in student movements defending a more pluralistic approach in the economics curricula.Her research project at MaxPo aims at comparing the mechanisms through which neoliberal reforms were diffused, legitimized, and implemented in three small consociational democracies: Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. Besides shedding light on a new variety of neoliberalization, and hence contributing to the burgeoning literature on the varieties of neoliberalization, her research addresses important, yet understudied, issues such as how change occurs in veto players' preferences and how neoliberal reforms are consolidated.

Thèmes de recherche

Neoliberalism, comparative political economy, welfare states and social policies, epistemology of social sciences

Thèse : Neoliberalization through elite consensus. The specific case of consociational democracies under the supervision of Jenny Andersson
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