Ryan Nabil

Février, 2021 - Août, 2021

Fox International Fellow at Sciences Po

Yale University, Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs

NabilRyan Nabil is currently a Fox International Fellow at Sciences Po, where he researches Sino-Russian approaches towards global governance and UK/EU-China relations. Ryan recently graduated with an MA in global affairs from Yale University, where his MA thesis examined the economic and foreign policy implications of China’s growing presence in Europe. Prior to Yale, Ryan worked as an economic policy researcher at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC. Ryan also served as a Rosenthal Fellow in US Congress, where he worked on China and Russia-related foreign policy issues. Ryan’s articles have appeared in outlets including Foreign Affairs, Yale Journal of International Affairs, and the Washington Post. Ryan speaks French, German, Bengali, and some Chinese and Russian.

Research interests

International organizations, foreign policy of China and Russia, post-Brexit UK foreign policy, UK-EU relations, UK/EU-China relations

Research project pursued at the CEE

1) Europe-China relations: implications for European economic policy and foreign affairs; 2) Sino-Russian approaches toward global governance.

To know more

ryan.nabil@yale.edu; ryan.nabil@outlook.com

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