Ronja Sczepanski

Assistant Professor

Research works:

Ronja Sczepanski possesses expertise in researching the causes and consequences of social identity change. Her focus is specifically on examining the role of perceptions of politics in the process of identity formation and change. One major focus of her research centers on the social and behavioral processes that propel the development of European and national identities. Within this research strand, she has conducted numerous studies investigating how referenda, neighborhoods, and perceptions related to social sorting contribute to changes in European and national identities. Additionally, she has delved into exploring what national and European identities are about. Another dimension of her research involves a detailed examination of how and why political parties frame social groups. She also explores the mechanisms through which social groups establish norms, opinions, and adopt political identities.

I have so far published 5 articles:

1. Sczepanski, Ronja (2023): Who are the cosmopolitans? How social sorting and social identities relate to European and national identities, Comparative Political Studies,

2. Sczepanski, Ronja (2023): European by action? How referenda re-shape European and national identities, European Union Politics,

3. Princen, Sebastiaan, Frank Schimmelfennig, Ronja Sczepanski, Hubert Smekal, Robert Zbiral (2023): Different yet the same? Differentiated integration and differentiated implementation in the European Union, West European Politics,

4. Sczepanski, Ronja and Tanja Börzel (2023): Two sides of the same coin? The effect of differentiation on non-compliance with EU Law, European Union Politics,

5. Schraff, Dominik and Ronja Sczepanski (2022): United or divided in diversity? The heterogeneous effects of ethnic diversity on European and national identities, European Union Politics,

Teaching activities:

I have taught multiple classes with a special focus on European integration

Norms and Identities in Western Politics (University of Cologne)

Introduction to European Integration (ETH Zurich)

Contemporary European Politics (ETH Zurich)


PolMeth Europe Best Poster Award for Innovative Data Science (with Hauke Licht)


Thèmes de recherche

Social identity change; perceptions of politics; European identity; national identity; political parties; opinions, political identities; behavioral processes

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