Or Dar

2019-09 - 2020-08

Visiting PhD Candidate

Tel Aviv University, School of Political Science, Government and International Affairs

Or Dar did his B.A and M.A at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (B.A in Math and Economics, M.A in Philosophy of Science. His M.A thesis was about Academic economists and the 2011 social protest in Israel). He then started a PhD in Tel Aviv University, writing about the radical-left in Europe.

Research interests

His research interests includes the rise and hegemony of neoliberalism, different forms of struggle against that order, and  the radical-left. 

Research project pursued at the CEE

His research project asks whether different mobilization strategies can explain different levels of radical-left parties success in Europe after the 2008 economic crisis, by comparing pairs of radical-left parties in different countries. During his stay in the CEE he intends to focus on the French case, comparing the FI and the NPA. 

To know more 

Contact: Ordar1871@gmail.com