Luis Ramiro

Septembre, 2020 - Novembre, 2020

Associate Professor
UNED, Department of Political Science (Spain)

RamiroLuis Ramiro (BA Political Science, Universidad Complutense de Madrid ; MSc in Social Research Methods, University of Surrey; PhD Social and Political Sciences, European University Institute, Florence) is a tenured Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science of the National Distance Learning University of Spain (UNED) since 2017. He has held teaching and research positions at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Universidad de Murcia, and the University of Leicester. He has been a visiting researcher at CEACS-Fundación Juan March (Madrid), the University of Essex, the University of Chicago, the University of Salford, the University of Manchester, and at PACTE-Sciences Po Grenoble.

Research interests

His fields of expertise are the analysis of political behavior, political organizations and political attitudes. His research has been published, among other journals, in West European Politics, Party Politics, Political Studies and European Political Science Review.

Research project you pursued at the CEE

During his stay at the CEE, Luis Ramiro will develop three core projects of his research agenda:
He is currently writing a book that will be completed in the next few months on the determinants of the electoral support for radical left parties in Western Europe.

As a continuation to this interest in cleavage politics and in the analysis of the social bases of the support of political parties, he is working on several papers relating to working class politics, and the relation between working conditions and political preferences. With a number of colleagues in the UK and France, he has designed and fielded a survey to working-age populations in France, Germany, Greece and Spain after the European Parliament elections of 2019, and during his research stay at CEE he will start analysing the data.

Finally, in addition to his research agenda on cleavage politics and voting, he is also currently the PI of a research project on public attitudes on expert knowledge and experts’ involvement in political decision making funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science. The project team have undertaken a first survey experiment in Spain in 2019 – the results of which have been recently published in West European Politics –  and they will complete a second survey experiment in several countries in the next few months.

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