Foteini Panagiotopoulou

2019-09 - 2020-01

Visiting PhD Candidate

University of Leicester, School of History, Politics and International Relations

 Foteini Panagiotopoulou is conducting a PhD degree in Political Science at the University of Leicester, UK. Her research focuses on social networks of migrant organisations in European cities, following a comparative approach in order to investigate the effect of ethnicity as an organisational attribute to the structure of migrant organizational networks and the political action and social engagement of migrant associations. She has a M.Sc in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a Pg.Dip in Counselling.


Research interests 

  • Political and non political migrant/ethnic organisations
  • Organisational Networks and Social Capital of migrant/ethnic minorities
  • Ethnicity as an organisational attribute and Organisational Networks
  • Political behaviour
  • Political participation of migrant/ethnic minorities
  • Political psychology
  • Online and offline engagement in Social Movements

Research project pursued at the CEE

Foteini Panagiotopoulou will be conducting a Short Time Scientific Mission to collaborate with the COST action CA16111 International Ethnic and Migrant Minorities’ Survery Data Network, which is led by Prof. Laura Morales. Her main tasks will involve the quality control of compiled metadata files and the assistance to the question bank data pilot.

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