Andreas Eisl


Thèmes de recherche

comparative and international political economy, public debt, fiscal frameworks, eurozone

Thèse : The politics of budgetary constraints. Understanding the variation in national fiscal frameworks in the Eurozone. under the co-supervision of Emiliano Grossman and Martin Höpner (MPIfG)

Andreas Eisl holds a PhD from Sciences Po (CEE & MaxPo) as well as at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne (Germany) as part of a so called Cotutelle program.

Before that, he earned a Master’s degrees in Political Science and Geography from the University of Salzburg (Austria). In addition, he attended the program Politics & International Studies at the University of Warwick (United Kingdom) as an exchange student.

In his PhD dissertation he is interested in understanding the variation in national fiscal frameworks that have been negotiated and implemented during the European public debt crisis.

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