Jan Rovny

Full Professor

1. Research work

Jan Rovny is a professor of political science at the Center for European Studies and Comparative Politics at Sciences Po, Paris. His research concentrates on political competition in Europe with the aim of uncovering the political conflict lines in different countries. He explores the issues that political parties contest across the continent, the strategies that different parties follow, as well as the preferences and voting patterns of voters.

He is interested in the impact of different voter profiles, particularly their ethnicity and exposure to various social risks, on their political attitudes and voting behavior, as well as on the forms of their political representation.

2. Teaching

He teaches courses in comparative politics and quantitative methodology, and advises students studying parties, electoral behavior, or ethnic politics in Europe. He acts as a co-director of graduate studies in comparative politics, as well as the academic advisor to the Sciences Po Summer School.

3. Editorial activities

He is one of the principal investigators of the Chapel Hill Expert Survey on party positioning.

He is an associate editor of East European Politics and Societies: and Cultures.

To know more

  • jan.rovny@sciencespo.fr
  • Tel: +33145498678
  • Office C305, 3rd Floor

Research Topics

Political competition in Europe ; Ideological conflict lines in Europe

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