Isabelle Guinaudeau

CNRS Research Fellow

Isabelle Guinaudeau is a CNRS research fellow. Before joining the Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics, she was a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence and a researcher at the Pacte laboratory (Sciences Po Grenoble), then at the Centre Emile Durkheim (Sciences Po Bordeaux). She has also been a visiting professor at the University of Stuttgart and a Humboldt Foundation fellow. Isabelle Guinaudeau is review editor of the journal French Politics and co-director of the AFSP group on political competition.

Her research lies at the crossroads of comparative politics, electoral studies and the sociology of public action. In particular, she directed the ANR Partipol project devoted to the electoral promises of French executives (2014-2018) and co-directs the Franco-German project (ANR-DFG) Unequalmand which analyzes the targeting of social groups in electoral programs and public policies. On these themes, Isabelle Guinaudeau published Do elections (still) matter? Mandates, Institutions, and Policies in Western Europe (Oxford University Press, 2021) as well as articles in journals such as the British Journal of Political Science, European Union Politics, West European Politics or the Revue française de science politique.


UNEQUALMAND, Unequal mandate responsiveness? How electoral promises and their realizations target groups in France and Germany

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political competition, electoral programs, electoral promises, public action, public opinion, European integration, representation

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