Arnault Barichella

PhD Candidate

Arnault Barichella is currently a PhD candidate at the Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics in Sciences Po, Paris under the supervision of Dr. Colin Hay. His research focuses on multi-level governance and a comparative analysis of climate and energy policies in Europe and the United States. This includes the role of cities in the climate regime and their interaction with national and global authorities. His interest in environmental issues is linked to his professional experience at UNESCO and UNEP in preparation for the COP21. He was also a parliamentary assistant at the French Senate, where he contributed to preparing a ‘Green Paper on Defense’ that analyzes the impact of energy and climate issues on national security.  

Arnault Barichella received his undergraduate degree from Oxford University (BA History 2008-11) and his Masters in European Affairs from Sciences Po Paris (2012-14). He wrote his MA thesis on the relation between climate change and systemic crisis under the supervision of Dr. Anne-Marie le Gloannec. 

He has published a number of articles and papers on topics relating to his doctoral thesis, as well as on various aspects of transatlantic relations. At the Robert Schuman Foundation, he authored several articles for the Foundation’s ‘European issues’, including on the role of the EU as the guardian of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. He is also affiliated with the Energy Center at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), where he has published on transatlantic cybersecurity and data protection, as well as on the role of climate change in US politics. 

Arnault Barichella was a ‘Visiting Fellow’ at Harvard University for the 2018-19 academic year, affiliated with the Department of Government. His fellowship, provided by Harvard, enabled extensive field research and interviewing with US State and non-State experts for his doctoral thesis. 

Arnault Barichella is currently teaching his own class at Sciences Po, Paris for the 2020 Spring Semester on ‘Global Climate Politics: Comparative EU-US Perspectives’. The seminar features a live simulation of the COP negotiations, with students playing the roles of international, State and civil society actors.


Research Topics

Climate and energy policies in Europe and the United States; Transatlantic relations; Cybersecurity

The UN Climate Change regime and the articulation of multi-level governance. A case study of the global cities of Paris, Boston and New York, sous la direction de Colin Hay
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