Apolline Taillandier

PhD Candidate in Political Science, CEE and MaxPo

Apolline Taillandier holds a Master's degree in political theory from Sciences Po Paris. Her research focuses on transhumanist networks and predictions about a "posthuman" era.
In her Master's thesis, she studied the historical origins of transhumanism and the role played by transhumanism in the justification of liberal eugenics.

Within the framework of the MaxPo research project "The Power of the Future. Conditions of Political Possibility for a Post-Crisis Era", she will investigate the sociohistorical emergence and transnational evolutions of contemporary transhumanist ideas and movements, and seek to understand how economic actors and academics contribute to the legitimation of transhumanism and to the construction of  "posthuman" futures. She will pay particular attention to market actors such as Google and Humanity+.

Research Topics

Political Theory, Transnational History of Social Science, Network Analysis

Thèse : Décider du long terme aujourd'hui : futurs posthumains et politique du transhumanisme (Now for the Long Term: A Study of Posthuman Futures in Contemporary Transhumanism) sous la direction de Jenny Andersson