Anja Durovic

PhD Candidate

Anja Durovic is a PhD candidate in Political Science at Sciences Po (CEE/LIEPP) where she pursues her doctoral research under the joint supervision of Nonna Mayer and Vincent Tiberj. Her dissertation concentrates on the comparative analysis of the evolution of gender inequalities in political participation in Western Europe, more precisely, on the examination of the impact of generational change and contrasting institutional settings on participatory gender inequalities. Anja holds a Bachelor degree in Political Science and Public Law from the University of Mannheim (2013) and graduated with a Master degree in Comparative Political Sociology from Sciences Po in 2015. During the spring semester of 2017, she was an OxPo doctoral fellow at the University of Oxford. She is also member of the international research project Money Talks: Gendered Electoral Financing in Democratic and Democratizing States (based at the University of Bergen).

Recent Publications

Articles in peer-review journals

2020 (à paraître). "Party Penalties for Parity: Less than Meets the Eye" (avec Catherine Achin, Sandrine Lévêque, Eléonore Lépinard et Amy G. Mazur). French Politics.

2019. "The French Elections of 2017: shaking the disease?" West European Politics 42(7): 1487-1503.

2017. "L'impact du genre sur le vote Marine Le Pen" (avec Abdelkarim Amengay et Nonna Mayer). Revue française de science politique 67(6): 1067-1087.

2017. "A longitudinal analysis of gendered patterns in political action in France: a generational story?" French Politics 15(4): 418-442.

Chapters in collective book

 2019. "Parity Sanctions and Campaign Financing in France: Increased Numbers, Little Concrete Gender Transformation" (avec Catherine Achin, Sandrine Lévêque, Eléonore Lépinard et Amy G. Mazur). Dans: Ragnhild L. Muriaas, Rainbow Murray et Vibeke Wang (dir.). Gendered Electoral Financing: Money, Power and Representation in Comparative Perspective. London: Routledge: 20-45.

2017. "Hommes et femmes face au politique." Dans : Florent Gougou and Vincent Tiberj (eds.). La déconnexion électorale. Un état des lieux de la démocratie française. Paris: Fondation Jean Jaurès: 35-44.

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Research Topics

Comparative Politics, Political Behaviour, Gender Inequalities in Politics, Political Representation

Thèse : The gender gap paradox: cohort change, political institutions and the evolution of gender inequalities in political participation, sous la direction de Nonna Mayer et Vincent Tiberj (Sciences Po Bordeaux)