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It’s the 365th day of the full-scale war waged by Russia in Ukraine. Ukrainian citizens and leaders can share their experiences of resisting the Russian regime and tackling tomorrow's most pressing political, societal, and cultural issues. We invite you to understand Ukraine better via numerous events on 24.02 TO CREATE THE BETTER FUTURE TOGETHER.… Lire la suite


Almost a year ago, the Russian Federation started a full-scale war in Ukraine. Today, it is still not over and at this very minute, Ukrainians are still bravely defending their country.

What has changed during the year? It became clear that Ukrainians will stand for their freedom no matter the cost. At the same time, some questions are still missing answers. 

From 13:00 -18:00 :  Amphithéâtre Émile Boutmy / Zoom :

We invite you to attend a series of conferences to commemorate 1 year since the beginning of the full-scale war and hear the voices of Ukrainian experts answering these difficult questions.

You can find all information about the line-up of the conference and speakers: https://d1fdloi71mui9q.cloudfront.net/d8NwzWf3R0CBH0IJ5oSg_%D0%90%D1%84%D1%96%D1%88%D0%B0-3.pdf

From 13:00 - 19:00: Salle 14, 27 rue Saint-Guillaume :

See with your own eyes the consequences of the destruction in real cities of Ukraine during the VR exhibition. While the war is happening 2000 km away, it might sometimes seem as if it could only start in a completely different world. Immerse yourself in the virtual reality of war. 

At 19:00: Amphithéâtre Émile Boutmy :

Art performance  «Confession d’une Ukrainienne» by Ukrainian artist Masha Isakova. To not only understand Ukraine from social, geographic, political, and economic sides, but also from visual and sensual perspectives. 

During the whole week (20.02-24.02) we also invite you to support Ukrainian childhood during the war by making donations to the all-Ukrainian charitable organization “Dobrodiy Club”, which provides emergency help for families with children, who are on the brink of survival (food, essential hygiene products for children, baby food). You can make a donation and find out more information about the organization via this link: https://dobrodiy.club/fundraising/sciences-po-community-is-collecting-money-for-ukrainian-children-in-the-humanitarian-crisis-due-to-the-war-waged-by-russia-in-ukraine 

From 21st to 24th: Petit Hall, 27 rue Saint-Guillaume

Also, we invite you to visit an art exhibition that will replace you to the Ukrainian reality by showing how love and pain, tears and smiles, bravery, and death co-existing in Ukraine during the war and how Ukrainian people go through it.

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