Student associations and initiatives at Sciences Po

Every year, some 200 student associations or initiatives of all kinds contribute to the dynamism of student life throughout the different Sciences Po campuses.

Student associations and initiatives enable students to interact around common aspirations and share their areas of interest with an academic community of exceptional richness. They provide a means of living their citizenship to the full; they contribute to developing the culture of debate and intellectual curiosity encouraged by Sciences Po; they constitute an invaluable experience in project management and teamwork.

Rewarding intellectual courage, instilling in its students a capacity to withstand difficulties, to embrace the world in all its complexity and to uphold respect and consideration as the fundamental values of public-spiritedness and, more broadly, of citizenship; educating citizens in the respect of others and the fight against all kinds of discrimination – these are all objectives that Sciences Po seeks to attain.

In this way Sciences Po recognizes students and student associations as active participants in the ambitions the institution sets itself. Engaging in political, student union and community activities lies at the very heart of Sciences Po’s educational approach.

What is a student association?

A student association is a group composed principally of like-minded students from Sciences Po who have voluntarily chosen to work together on a joint project, whether shared with the Sciences Po community or not, or who wish simply to meet around a common aim.
There are various types of student association at Sciences Po:

  • student union associations composed of student representatives elected to the boards of the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris (IEP);
  • permanent student associations entrusted with the organisation of specific service-oriented missions on behalf of students;
  • recognised student associations whose activities are aimed principally at Sciences Po students;
  • other student associations not included in the above categories and which do not benefit from an allocation of resources from Sciences Po.

Students wishing to develop a project in connection with student life, either individually or as a group, and who would like to benefit during a semester or an academic year from the same resources as those made available to student associations, can pursue an idea within the framework of student initiatives.

The Student Life Regulations (PDF, 357 Ko), adopted by the Student Life & Studies Board (Conseil de la vie étudiante et de la formation), set down a frame of reference and determine how Sciences Po students may exercise their political, cultural, community and student union activities.