Sciences Po 2013

Investing in intelligence and demonstrating social responsibility

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Having embarked on a programme of radical change for over 10 years now, and fully aware of the challenges brought by the globalisation of higher education, Sciences Po has set itself new targets for 2013, with the aim of pursuing this transformation and reaffirming its international stature.

An ambitious and innovative project
Since 2009, Sciences Po has been investing massively in intellectual excellence, upgrading the quality of its educational programmes and research, and improving reception facilities and working conditions for students, teachers, researchers, readers and employees, while also reinforcing its commitment to social responsibility.

Diversity and equal opportunity
At the same time, Sciences Po intends to pursue and further develop its policy of diversity in recruitment of its students - a diversity that is both social and geographical – while continuing to receive a greater number of disabled students.
Support the Sciences Po 2013 project

To achieve these goals, Sciences Po needs to find new sources of funding. By working alongside us, you will be participating in an ambitious and innovative initiative that aims to make Sciences Po one of the top 10 universities worldwide.