The Age of Dualization

The Changing Face of Inequality in Deindustrializing

Societies - by Bruno Palier & al. (eds.), Oxford University Press

Poverty, increased inequality, and social exclusion are back on the political agenda in Western Europe, not only as a consequence of the Great Recession of 2008, but also because of a seemingly structural trend towards increased inequality in advanced industrial societies that has persisted since the 1970s. How can we explain this increase in inequalities?

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Bruno Palier is CNRS Researcher at the Centre d’études européennes. Trained in social science, he has a PHD in Political science, and is a former student of Ecole Normale Superieure. He is studying welfare reforms in Europe, and is currently conducting various comparative projects: on social investment policies, on social dualisations in Europe, on europeanisation of welfare reforms, and on the politics of welfare reforms in Continental Europe.  See his publication.