Inaugural Lesson SMI

"Rethinking Prosperity"
Conference with Bernard Stiegler and Round Table
  • Bernard StieglerBernard Stiegler

The School of Management and Innovation is pround to welcome its very first class of new students on the 30th of August.

"Rethinking Prosperity" : the subject of our inaugural session reflects the values and the identy of the School and will accompany us throughout the academic year.  

The two Co-Deans Marie-Laure Salles-Djelic and Benoît Thieulin will welcome students and guests at 4 pm in Emile Boutmy lecture hall  27, rue Saint Guillaume.

The inaugural speech is delivered by Bernard Stiegler : "Beyond the Anthropocene ? The New Wealth of Nations" 

The round table "Rethinking Prosperity" is hosted by Sébastien Treyer, Program Director at IDDRI, specialist in issues of ecological transition.

With the participation of :

Mathilde Aglietta (Ashoka), Digital entrepreneur, director of ShareIT Ashoka's Tech for Good accelerator at Station F

Jérôme Guillet (Green Giraffe), Managing Director of Green Giraffe, a specialist advisory company focused on the renewable energy sector founded in 2010.

Constance Guisset (Studio Constance Guisset), Designer, she intends to create light and animated objects, aiming to arouse wonder and to invoke a moment of escape in dreams. An exhibition will be dedicated to her work at the Musée des Arts décoratifs de Paris starting November 2017.

David Menascé (Azéo), Founder and Partner of the consulting firm Azéo which accompanies the development and implementation of integrated solutions to complex social issues ; expert in social innovation and "bottom of the pyramid" strategies. 

Speeches by Frédéric Mion and Alexandre Bompard (President of Sciences Po SMI’s Strategic Steering Committee) will introduce the reception in the garden.

The inaugural lesson will be in English, it is transmitted in Chapsal lecture hall 27 rue Saint Guillaume. You can follow the event on livestream and Twitter  #RentréeScPo. 

Lola Benarroche wins Gold at the Universidades in Taipei

  • L'or pour Lola BenarrocheL'or pour Lola Benarroche

Congratuations to Lola Benarroche, student in our Master Marketing program and judoka who won the first gold medal of her delegation in Taipei !

« Making the world a better place, one algorithm at a time »

Paul Duans speech at the graduation
  • Discours Paul DuanDiscours Paul Duan

Guest of honor at the graduation ceremony of the School of Management and Innovation, Paul Duan delivered a beautiful, very personal speech in front of graduates and their families sharing his quest for sense, his moments of doubt and the reassuring message that it's not a problem if you wonder who you are so long as you know why you do things !

 Paul Duan, data scientist, and creator of the NGO Bayes Impact which conceives social services using big data, he created a new portal for the French emplyemnt agency "Pôle emploi" to make job serach easier. 

Pau Duan entered Sciences Po in 2009 studying mathematics at Sorbonne Paris I at the same time. He spent his third year in Berkeley and has lived i the US ever since.

The video of his speech

The video of the graduation ceremony 

Olivier Guillet appointed Executive Director

  • Olivier Guillet appointed Executive DirectorOlivier Guillet appointed Executive Director

Nominated by Marie-Laure Djelic and Benoît Thieulin co-Deans of the School of Management and Innovation, Olivier Guillet took up his position on the 3rd of July.

His mission is to accompany the strategic development and the managerial coordination of the School and more specifically the deployment of its new programmes, international recruitment as well as the development of innovating teaching methods in close coordination with the two co-Deans.

Prior to joining the School of Management and Innovation Olivier Guillet was Chief International Officer at INSEEC since 2011. He has held different positions at INSEEC Group since 2002 : professor of international management in the BBA program, Deputy Dean and Director of Admissions of the Grande Ecole Program. Olivier Guillet started his career in the industrial sector as International Product Manager of the Metso Corporation. He is also a trained pianist and is currently finishing his PhD at the International University of Monaco.

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Comm' as you are: spotlight on Denise Leroy

Archives École de la communication

Trying to find students to interview who come from distant and atypical lands is certainly the easiest part of my job, given the cultural palette that is present within the School of Communication. The hardest part is to try to settle on an appropriate hour and place where the interview can take place; it has been barely a week since school has been back on the menu and goodness me, we are already stuffed like turkeys at Thanksgiving.

Without any further ado; the international student of week is… Denise Leroy! Denise is a lovely 23-year-old student shipped in directly from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she was born and raised. This wide-eyed brunette holds a “Licenciatura” in Advertising, (which is the equivalent to a Master 1 in France) from the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa. After a first university exchange at ESSEC in 2012, she moved to France (for good it seems) in 2013. Denise spent all of her summers in Punta del Este (Uruguay), and after being granted a scholarship, she spent a month studying Italian in at the Università per Stranieri di Siena, in Italy.

Argentina… Italy…France... I guess it wouldn’t be a wild guess to presume that Denise chooses her destinations according to the quality of its national food (I feel you, girl!). Since setting foot in Paris, however, Denise admits that she has developed a “hate and love relationship” with cheese. Haven’t we all! I have stopped counting the number of Camembert boxes that I have shamefully tossed in the recycling bin since the beginning of the semester…

However, French food was not the factor that determined Denise’s move to Paris; it was l’amour. That’s right! This lady’s found a man who liked it, so he put a ring on it. Denise is happily married and currently lives with her husband in the city of love. A perfect illustration of one of the songs from the movie AnastasiaParis holds the key to your heart!

When she is not busy selecting the best cheeses France has to offer, Denise likes to buff up her CV; indeed, she has had two significant work experiences so far, one at Procter & Gamble as a Brand PR in Buenos Aires, and another one at Canal+ as Chef de Projet e-CRM in France. It is therefore no surprise that her dream job would be to work “… within the communications department of a big company.” Moreover, in her free time, Denise usually swims, draws doodles of cute characters and animals on her tablet, or, being an unconditional music aficionado, sings to the tunes of Ella Fitzgerald or The Cure.

Pros & Cons of Sciences Po

Pros: I like the quality of the teaching staff, which is composed of professors with very rich backgrounds. I also find the students’ multicultural backgrounds very stimulating. Furthermore, I find the academic personnel very helpful when it comes to professional counselling.

Cons: {No cons!}
I am very happy with my experience in Sciences Po so far. It is true that the university is very crowded at times, but this is understandable since it is located in the centre of Paris where, as most of us know, every square metre is a luxury. I’d rather have a university that is a bit crowded and very well located, than one with a lot of free space but in the middle of nowhere.

What have been your favourite classes so far?

I really liked China’s Image, Communication, Influence; Digital Communication Industry Insider; and Rhetoric.

Quite a rosy picture, isn’t it? Denise is certainly a very happy and cheerful person, and no matter how much digging I attempted, there were no skeletons in her closet, let alone any criticisms about living in Paris… well of course except the usual sigh of discontent when talking about the Parisian metro. Well folks, this week we have a squeaky clean, optimistic lady who sure seems determined to live her life to the fullest!
Stay tuned for next week’s guests… who might be slightly different!

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