Ronald S. Burt

"Time as a contingency factor in network advantage"
Séminaire "Réseaux et Régulation", 11 Mai, 14h>16h au CSO
  • Ronald S. BurtRonald S. Burt

Le prochain invité du séminaire "Réseaux et Régulation" aura lieu de 14h à 16h au CSO (19, rue Amélie, 75007) et sera animé par Ronald S. Burt de l’Université de Chicago Booth School of Business. Son intervention portera sur "Time as a contingency factor in network advantage".

"Time is often treated as a neutral medium through which social processes operate, something like the water in which fish swim : 'Here is the way networks develop over time.' But time is also a quality perceived, a quality shaped by circumstance. Hours fly by when you're engaged in something interesting, or last forever when you're subjected to tedium"....


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