The individual and collective projects conducted by CERI scholars endure several years of extensive research and analysis.  Many of these research projects are funded and supported by French and International institutions such as Sciences Po, the ANR (French national research agency) and The European Union.     


Projects funded by ANR (National Research Agency)

The usages of technologies linked to the interception of communications (D. Bigo, coordination CERI)

Social and political “life” of ID papers in Africa (R. Banégas, coordination CERI)

The re-globalization of race: Europe and the Americas, 20th and 21st centuries (D. Sabbagh, coordination INED) 

Institutionalizing trafficking in human beings. A French-German comparison (G. Favarel-Garrigues and Nadège Ragaru, coordination CEDISP)

Risks associated with volcanic explosions: from the research on hazards towards the elaboration of crisis-management tools (S. Revet, coordination IRD, Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans) 

Sorbonne Paris Cité University Chair of Excellence

The politics of epistemic vulnerability in the nuclear age (B. Pelopidas) 

Projects funded by Sciences Po

Magellan and the Malaya world. An essay on a symmetrical history (R. Bertrand)

Street art and democracy in Latin America (O. Dabène)

The sociology of the Indian members of Parliament and state legislative assemblies: creation and visualization of a database (C. Jaffrelot)

Vote workers: from local to transnational (H. Combes, E. Massicard)

Breaking the law to maintain public order: research group on vigilantism (G. Favarel-Garrigues, L. Gayer)

Bureaucratic modernization and economic development in 18th century France (J. Sgard)

The Martin Domke archives (J. Sgard)

Siite connections across Western Asia and the Middle East: the circulation routes of Ayatollah Mohammad Hachem Salehi (F. Adelkhah)

Other projects funded by national agencies 

Social housing, energy management and energy precariousness (F. Bafoil / National Federation of Social Housing)


Understanding the Mediterranean Salinity Crisis (SALTGIANT)

International Collaborative Projects and Funding 

Sciences Po-CERI/Columbia University

African Humanities Project

Sciences Po-LSE-University of Cape Town

Revisitng African agency in global politics

The ALLIANCE Program 

Conservatism in India (C. Jaffrelot)

Sciences Po – Princeton Fund

Contested narratives of the global. Challenging and converging stories of global order (K. Postel Vinay)

The dynamics and competition between Sufis, Sunnis and Shias in India: salafism, sectarianism and the resilience of Dargah culture (C. Jaffrelot)

Sciences Po – Colegio de Mexico Fund

Street-corner democracy. Cultural intervention in Latin America’s urban public spaces (O. Dabène) 


The nuclear proliferation international history project (B. Pelopidas, Carnegie Foundation of New York)

Governance and citizens’ participation in the Andine region (O. Dabène / Fondation Charles-Léopold Meyer)

Masking statehood: mechanisms for challenging, negotiating and circumventing the international sovereignty of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in a comparative perspective (F. Mengin / CCKF Taïwan)