International partnerships

- CERIUM, University of Montreal, joint chair in international studies

- Institute of International Relations, Prague , French-Czech Dialogue on Europe

- Institute for Religion, Culture and Public Life (IRCPL), Columbia University

- Department of War Studies, King's College London

- Narratives of the Global. Contesting and Converging Stories of Global Order (PIIRS, Princeton)

- University of Oxford, OXPO

- University of Quebec in Montreal

French partners

- French Network for Asian Studies 

- Middle East and the Islamic World Studies Network

- African Studies Network (website en French)

- Center for the Study of Society, Religions and Laïcités, GSRL (website in French)

- Interdisciplinary research group "Law, Regulation and Scientific Knowledge on Climate Change (CLIMALEX)

- "Plural Societies" program / SPC Community of Universities

Collaborations within Sciences Po

- Joint methodology seminar with the Center for European Studies and Comparative Politics

- With the Center for History: research network on Mass Violence and Resistance; research group on Contemporary Italy; Narratives of the Global: Contesting and Converging Stories of Global Order

- Joint research project on Indian elected representatives with the CDSP