Mabel Berezin


Visiting Professor of Sociology

Cornell University, Sociology Dept, Ithaca

Mabel Berezin is Professor of Sociology at Cornell who writes on challenges to democratic cohesion and solidarity in Europe and the United States.  She is the author of Illiberal Politics in Neoliberal Times:  Culture, Security, and Populism in the New Europe (Cambridge 2009) and Making the Fascist Self: The Political Culture of Inter-war Italy (Cornell 1997).  She has lectured widely in Europe and the US and is working on a book length manuscript on the resurgence of extreme nationalism in contemporary Europe.

Research interests

Political culture ; nationalist politics in contemporary Europe ;  historical fascism

Visiting projects and objectives

 Mabel Berezin will be working on a narrative account of the increasing salience of the political phenomenon that media commentators, public intellectuals and academics refer to as populism in contemporary Europe.  The proposed study asks why 2016 emerged as the year that populist parties and movements, some of which had existed for many years, began to pose viable and visible threats to electoral politics?  She is researching an empirical (historical) and a theoretical answer to this question.   Her research is chronological and focuses on the years between 2009 the beginning of the European debt crisis and 2017.  She will discuss the spring 2017 French Presidential elections with colleagues during her stay.