Save your seat in Boutmy

Rules for naming a seat in the Boutmy lecture hall at Sciences Po



Sciences Po is offering the opportunity to name a seat in the Emile Boutmy lecture hall located at 27 rue Saint-Guillaume, 75007 Paris. This campaign is aimed at alumni or anyone wishing to pay tribute to a Sciences Po alumna or alumnus. Seats are named in return for a donation to help fund the Campus 2022 plan for the transformation of Sciences Po’s Paris campus.



2.1. Payment

A seat is reserved by making a donation to the Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques (FNSP) or to a partner organisation allowing the donor to benefit from national tax provisions: the US Sciences Po Foundation, the Sciences Po Alumni UK Charity Trust, or one of the 21 European foundations belonging to Transnational Giving Europe.

2.2. Acceptance

The FNSP has adopted a charter relating to the acceptance of private and public funding, and applies the charter’s principles before accepting any donation. The President or Chief Executive of the FNSP may also consult the FNSP Donations Committee for advice.

The FNSP reserves the right not to accept a donation from a person who contravenes or has contravened human rights and/or fundamental freedoms and/or any law or regulation applicable in France, including any form of incitement to hatred or discrimination, racism, negationism, or financing of terrorism.

2.3. Tax receipt

Once the donation has been received and accepted, the FNSP issues the donor with a tax receipt.



The name fixed to the reserved seat may be that of the donor or of a third party.

3.1. Seat reserved in the name of the donor

The donor must have studied at Sciences Po to have his or her name fixed to a seat in the lecture hall. The seat reservation is effective only after Sciences Po has verified the alumni status of the person whose name is to appear on the seat.

3.2. Seat reserved in the name of a third party

The person whose name is to appear on the seat must have studied at Sciences Po. The person (or, if deceased, his or her heirs) must have given his or her consent for the name to be displayed in the lecture hall.

It is the sole responsibility of the donor to obtain consent. Sciences Po cannot be held liable in the event of a dispute.



The plaques are fixed to the back of the seats in the lecture hall.

One plaque is attached per seat, for 10 years or 99 years depending on the option chosen (presentation of the terms and prices here).

The plaque necessarily and exclusively bears the person’s first and last names and year of graduation, in the following format:

First name Last name


Sciences Po undertakes to maintain the plaque and replace it, if necessary, during the chosen period.

The plaques are made of the same material regardless of price and the location chosen.

Only one person’s name may be engraved on the plaque.



5.1. Group seat reservation

In the case of a group reserving a seat, each donor having made a donation to the FNSP will receive a tax receipt for the amount that he or she donated.

While group reservations are possible, the plaque can have only one name on it.

5.2. Donor withdrawal

If a donor decides to cancel a seat reservation, the donation will be returned if the plaque has not yet been installed and the tax receipt has not been issued. If the plaque is already in place or the tax receipt has been issued, the funds cannot be returned.

5.3 Removal of the plaque

Sciences Po reserves the right to remove the plaque in accordance with the provisions of the donations charter and, in particular, in the event that the person whose name appears on the plaque is implicated in an offence after it has been installed.