Alumni Portraits

[Academics & Education]

  • Evan Epstein, Silicon Valley by way of Sciences Po [july 2020]
  • Tania Johnson. Twenty-one Years Later: Reflections from the first cohort of Science Po’s International Programme [march 2021]
  • Samuel Miles, Sciences Po and the sustainability transition [may 2020]
  • Michel Perez, from his US dream to fighting money laundering [april 2019]


  • Jennifer Famery-Mariani: The Tribeca Art World by way of Sciences Po [december 2020]
  • Maud Leclair: From Rue Saint-Guillaume to the Met Steps [september 2020]
  • Daniel Levy: “The first requisite is empathy for other people’s culture” [september 2021]
  • Anne Picq, at the intersection of the arts and social enterprises [october 2019]
  • Marie Monique Steckel : Curiosity Across Cultures [december 2021]
  • Pauline VermareSciences Po and the politics and power of the image [july 2020]


  • Michael Allegretti, We as businesses need to continually update, how are we helping to solve real problems? [august 2020]
  • Thierry Bernard: “With challenges and changes come opportunities.” [august 2020]
  • Valentine Bleicher, transactional attorney for Mayer Brown LLP [october 2019]
  • Alexandre Chenesseau: “It is up to us to contribute something in this world” [march 2021]
  • Stéphanie Cardot, a Sciences Po entrepreneur and concierge [october 2019]
  • Maëlle Gavet, COO of Compass: "We need engineers who can both code and read the Economist. We need engineers obsessed with transforming society" [july 2019]
  • Antoine Heuty, founder of Ulula [october 2019]
  • Gregory Hrycaj, from Sciences Po to Analog Devices, a global leader in the production of semiconductors [july 2019]
  • Sophie Durey, co-founder of Twin Peaks Family [april 2019]
  • Slawomir Krupa: “There is no true success without staying true to yourself” [march 2022]
  • Larry Loeb, an American Abroad in CDG's Paris [may 2020]
  • Ketty Maisonrouge: “It’s not about fashion.” [march 2022]
  • Amanda Marsted: Being a Female in Finance [september 2021]
  • Louis Mark: “As a master’s student, you are not given all of the answers, you are given the directions.” [june 2021]
  • Robert McNamara: Working with diverse individuals helps you think differently about problems [june 2021]
  • Vanessa Miler-Fels: “I thrive in complexity” [september 2021]
  • Kayvan Noroozi : Re-thinking Intellectual Property [december 2020]
  • Shahreen Reza: Building Business, from Plates to Space [march 2022]
  • Adam Romanov, the Canadian in the BDE  [may 2020]
  • Jonathan Silver: “In the classroom you learn how to learn; outside of the classroom, you learn how to live.” [june 2021]
  • Carol Sirou: The Sciences Po Toolkit for Corporate Life [june 2021]
  • Arnaud Tesson : Sciences Po taught me to ask the right questions  [december 2020]
  • Claire Thomas-Daoulas: Advising Across Borders [june 2022]
  • Arianne Ville, a sociologist meets Silicon Valley [february 2020]
  • Benoist de Vimal, How Sciences Po helped his career take flight [july 2020]
  • Scott Wilson, an uncommon path for commercial litigators and white collar defense attorneys at major U.S. law firms [february 2020]
  • Krystal Wilson Azelton: “People do not realize how integrated space is into their lives” [december 2020]
  • Patricia Wu: “Anytime you live abroad and learn another language, you learn how to communicate on another level” [june 2021]
  • Andrew Ziaja: The Multiple Worlds of Law [december 2021]


  • Adriana Diaz: “Paris crawls under your skin takes up residence in your heart and never leaves.” [march 2021]
  • Delphine Halgand: "I had a journalist's DNA" [september 2020]

[Politics & International Affairs]

  • Elsa Alvarado: Sciences Po Takes to the Campaign Trail [march 2021]
  • Anthony Aslou, analyst with the U.S. Department of State [april 2019]
  • Abby Butkus, the dynamics of international development [july 2020]
  • Nathalie (née Estival) Broadhurst, "It's at Sciences Po I decided to become a diplomat" [may 2020]
  • Hannah Cooper: “I feel deep commitment and attachment to Sciences Po” [september 2020]
  • François Delattre, secretary General of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs [july 2019]
  • Anne-Claire Legendre, I received the tools I needed to become a diplomat [august 2020]
  • Noelle Pourrat: “Our degree of success in working and collaborating together is going to define what the 21st century looks like” [december 2020]
  • Michael Strauss: “Take the risks when they present themselves.” [december 2020]
  • Sac-Nicte Yescas: A New Kind of Campaign [december 2021]

 [Think tank and global organizations]

  • Max Bouchet, research analyst at the Brookings Institution [july 2019]
  • Before, During, and After: How Alex Chunet uses Data to Change the World [june 2022]
  • Benjamin Haddad: “I do today the kind of job that brought me to Sciences Po in the first place” [june 2021]
  • Christian Kaufholz: Facing Climate Crisis with Confidence [december 2021]
  • Rohan Kocharekar, Resident Fellow at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in Boston [april 2019]
  • Frederic Lambert: Helping Economies Across the World [june 2022]
  • Céline Ramstein: Answering Climate’s Questions [june 2022]
  • Kenneth R. Weinstein, from the Latin Quarter to Washington's Corridors of Power [february 2020]
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