Projets sélectionnées pour financement interne en 2020

  • Analysing campaign dynamics through the online voting advice application of La Boussole présidentielle 2022
    Bruno Cautrès, CEVIPOF
  • Cities, Growth, and Climate Change
    Florent Oswald, Département d'économie
  • Evaluating the Impact of Road Safety Initiatives in Liberia
    Golwine de Rochambeau, Département d'économie
  • From the Ballots to the Streets. Drivers and Consequences of Far-right Protest in Europe and the United
    Catarina Froio, CEE
  • How the States Grow. Seeing and Counting Civil Servants in France, the United States and the United Kingdom
    Emilien Ruiz, Centre d'histoire
  • Local Effects of State-Building: Evidence from the French Revolution
    Emeric Henry & Benjamin Marx, Département d'économie
  • Political Dynasties and the Distribution of Wealth
    Roberto Galbiati, Département d'économie
  • The European Far Left and New Social Movements. A Contribution to the History of the 1970s
    Gerd-Rainer Horn, Centre d'histoire
  • The Spatial Inequality of Insecurity
    Tommaso Vitale, CEE
  • Unequal Access to Early Chilcare: a Longitudinal, Experimental Study
    Carlo Barone, OSC


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