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30 June 2023
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21 August 2023

Leaving no-one behind in the energy transition: Lessons learned from the decarbonisation policy in social housing in the United Kingdom. Alice Bergoënd

Working paper by Alice Bergoënd.

July 2023. European Chair for Sustainable Development and Climate Transition.

This working paper is part of the Public Policy Master’s Thesis Series.

In the face of the climate crisis and energy transition, and in a context where decarbonisation of housing has become an environmental and social necessity, this paper assesses the complexity of the policy issue of decarbonising the UK’s social housing stock. Through qualitative interviews with researchers, social housing providers, consultants, and representatives of local authorities and the UK government, it assesses the existing barriers to retrofitting and transitioning to clean heating in social housing and finds that decarbonisation of social housing in the UK is a wicked problem, which should therefore be addressed through a decentralised process and better consideration of stakeholder positions.

About the Public Policy Master’s Thesis Series
This series presents the master’s theses in Public Policy and in European Affairs of the Sciences Po School of Public Affairs. It aims to promote high-standard research master’s theses, relying on interdisciplinary analyses and leading to evidence-based policy recommendations.