Yann Renisio

Associate Scientist CNRS
  • Yann Renisio (OSC) Yann Renisio (OSC)

Contact: yann.renisio(at)sciencespo.fr

Yann Renisio is Associate scientist at CNRS since October 2021. He was previously postdoc at Sciences-Po, Uppsala University and Collège de France. He holds a PhD in Sociology from EHESS (2017). He is also an affiliated reasearcher at the department of sociology of education and culture of Uppsala University.

Research Topics

Yann Renisio is interested in social stratification, aspirations, and methodology in social science. He is currently working on applications to Higher Education, professional specialization in medicine, gaps between practice and declaration, and kinship networks.

Recent publications

  • 2020 (avec Simon Paye), « Vers une conversion britannique au "tout article"  ? », Savoir/Agir, n° 53, 2020/3, p. 20–29. Available on Cairn portal
  • 2020 (avec Pierre-Michel Menger, Colin Marchika et Pierre Verschueren), « Formations et carrières mathématiques en France : un modèle typique d’excellence ? »,  Revue Française d’Economie, vol. XXXV, n° 2020/2, p. 155–217. Available on Cairn portal



Article updated on 13-10-2021
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