Siresa López Berengueres

Doctorante en sociologie
  • Siresa López Berengueres (OSC)Siresa López Berengueres (OSC)


CV de Siresa López Berengueres (PDF, 221 Ko)

Sujet de thèse - Dissertation Title

Mobility, social class, intergroup relations and European identity: does social diversity matter?

Directeur de thèse : Ettore Recchi

Financement de la thèse : Contrat doctoral Sciences Po (2018-2021)


  • 2020 (with A. Bianculli, M. Ferrin & J. Jordana), Linguistic Claims and Political Conflicts. Spanish Labyrinths in Language and Identity in the European Context, Routledge.
  • 2018 (with A. Bianculli & J. Jordana), "Linguistic policies and claims in a multi-national state: the case of Spain", In: Francis Cheneval & Mónica Ferrin (eds.), Citizenship in Segmented Societies. Lessons for the EU, Edward Elgar Publishing, p. 66-92.
  • 2017, "Diversity as an EU Cultural Policy Driver: Neutrality vs. Affirmativity in the Construction of a European Cultural Space", Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture, vol. 8, n° 1, p. 11–29. [Consulter sur Ingenta]
  • 2016, "¿Otro interculturalismo? Límites y retos de la política cultural de la Unión Europea en el periodo pos-Maastricht", In: R. Zapata-Barrero & G. Rubio-Carbonero (eds.), Interculturalidad y política cultural, Edicions Bellaterra, p. 85-110.
Article updated on 16-12-2019
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