Lifestyles: culture and norms, social patterns, environment

  • Escaliers et Escalators, photo Jean-Louis Zimmermann (CC BY 2.0)Escaliers et Escalators, photo Jean-Louis Zimmermann (CC BY 2.0)

At the intersection of the private family sphere and the public sphere, the research pillar dedicated to lifestyles focuses on the extreme diversity of practices and attitudes in modern societies: consumer practices concerning material and cultural goods, customs, the use of space and time, domestic organization and modes of social integration. Such attitudes and behaviors vary according to value orientations, cultural forms, and habitus, and are rooted in social stratification and economic resources, without being merely the consequence of these forces. They are produced as a function of individual determinants, a need for uniqueness, but also by collective forces defined by the law, primary institutions and social networks.

Research topics

•    Norms, socialization and integration
•    Cultural practices and lifestyles
•    Relationship to the environment
•    Consumption
•    Social patterns and time use
•    Immigration, ethnoracial inequality and discrimination
•    Disability

Article updated on 20-07-2020
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