économie du genre, discriminations, politiques éducatives

Bio :

Anne Boring is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and a research affiliate at Sciences Po (LIEPP & PRESAGE). 

Her main Research Interests in Economics are :

  • ​Gender in Higher Education and the Labor Market

She started studying the impact of gender biases and stereotypes in higher education at Sciences Po, within the context of a European-funded research project called Effective Gender Equality in Research and the Academia (EGERA). In several research projects, she has studied the impact of gender stereotypes and biases on student evaluations of teaching, and on students’ higher educational choices. In her current research projects, she is interested in testing and measuring the impact of interventions designed to reduce the impact of gender stereotypes and biases in higher education. She is also interested in understanding how gender stereotypes and biases influence the development of students’ leadership skills and entrepreneurial interests. Finally, she is interested in gender biases in performance evaluations.

  • Trade, Development and Interest Groups

Anne Boring completed a PhD in economics at the University Paris Dauphine in July 2012, on The Influence of the Pharmaceutical Industry on U.S. Trade Policy. She continues to conduct research on trade and development. 

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