New Perspectives on Institutional Change

Equipe de recherche:

  • Camille BEDOCK (Sciences Po Bordeaux)
  • Emiliano GROSSMAN (CEE, Co-directeur de l'axe Evaluation de la démocratie LIEPP)
  • Lucas LEEMANN (Assistant Professor Université de Zürich)
  • Nicolas SAUGER (Sciences Po/ CEE, directeur CDSP)


The project is supported by the LIEPP since September 2015


Descriptif du projet : 

The emergence of new institutions and institutional change constitute central questions for political science. Institutions have a profound and active role in explaining the political realities we analyze. Since institutions influence actors’ behavior, we often seek to understand their effect to ultimately understand the political phenomena we study. Given the importance of institutions the question arises why certain institutions are implemented and amended in some policies but not in others. To fully understand political institutions requires an understanding of why they were put in place and how they are changed.


Poster of the project (June 2017)



Workshop Institutional Change : The Origins and Evolution of Political Institutions le 26 - 27/05/2016 à Sciences Po.

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