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Seminar "Implementation Evaluation"

À propos de cet événement

Le 05 juin 2024 de 16:00 à 17:30

LIEPP and the School of Public Policy of the University of Maryland are pleased to convene the seminar: 

Date: June 5th. (Paris time)

Location: Sciences Po, B108, 1 place Saint-Thomas d'Aquin, 75007, Paris. 

On the occasion of the recent publication of the Oxford Handbook of program design and implementation evaluation coordinated by Anu Rangarajan, this seminar brings together scholars and practitioners specializing in policy implementation from a diversity of disciplinary perspectives.


Introduction by Anne Revillard, Sciences Po, CRIS, LIEPP


Anu Rangarajan, Mathematica : “Before impact evaluation, process evaluation.”

Daniele Vidoni, European Commission : “Driving Performance in the EU Context: The Case of Regional Policy”


Henri Bergeron, Sciences Po, CSO, LIEPP

Charlotte Halpern, Sciences Po, CEE, LIEPP

Bruno Palier, Sciences Po, CEE, LIEPP

Concluding remarks by Doug Besharov, University of Maryland

À propos de cet événement

Le 05 juin 2024 de 16:00 à 17:30