Equal Pay in Practice: Comparative Research on Policy Implementation

Equal Pay in Practice: Comparative Research on Policy Implementation

ZIF Workshop
June 20th-21st , 2022



Short 10 minute presentations with 15 minutes of discussion after each regional grouping (s) and a question or two from the discussants to kick-off discussion.


  • Jill Rubery (University of Manchester) (Day 1 Only)
  • Iga Magda (Warsaw School of Economics)

9:00-9:30 Introductions: Goals, Framework and Agenda

Isabelle Engeli (Exeter University), Amy Mazur (Washington State University)
Sophie Pochic (CNRS Centre Maurice Halbwachs), Alexandra Scheele (Bielefeld University)
Ania Plomien (London School of Economics)

9:30-10:30 Southern Europe
National : Olga Salido (Universidad Compultense Madrid)
France Firm level : Sophie Pochic (CNRS Centre Maurice Halbachs)
Italy : Elisa Chieregato (Goethe University/ University of Verona)

10:30-11:15 Germanic Europe
Austria : Stefanie Wöhl (University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna) on-line?
Germany : Alexandra Scheele (Bielefeld University) and Andrea Jochmann-Doell (GEFA, Essen)
Belgium : Patrizia Zanoni and Veronika Lemeire

11:30-12:30 Nordic Countries

Norway : Mari Teigen and Ines Wagner (Institute for Social Research, Oslo)
Sweden National : Lenita Friedenvall (University of Stockholm)
Sweden Sub-national/ Firm Level : Anne Charlotte Callerstig (Orebro University) on-line?
Finland : Paula Koskinen Sandberg (Tampere University) – online?

13:30-14:00 EU – Sophie Jacquot (Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles)

14:00-15:00 Central Eastern Europe

Poland : Ania Plomien (London School of Economics) and Zofia Łapniewska (Jagiellonian University in Kraków)
Albania and Montenegro : Ingrid Bego (Western Carolina University)
Croatia and North Macedonia : Andrea Spehar (University of Gothenburg)

15:00 -16:00 Anglo-American Countries

Australia Lucie Newsome (University of New England) on-line?
Canada : Francesca Scala ( University of Concordia)
UK : Susan Milner (University of Bath) - paper pre recorded?
USA National Level: Ashley English and (University of North Texas) and Meredith Neizgoda (University of North Texas)
USA Sub-National/ State: Season Hoard (Washington State University) and Sydney Smith (Washington State University)

16:30 -17h30 GROUP DISCUSSION: Lessons Learned Thus Far?



Divided into 4 thematic sessions that come out of the first day. Each theme will have a 90 minute facilitated discussion with the discussant starting.

9:30-10:00 Organizing the Thematic Sessions

10:00-11:15 Collective Bargaining System as Implementation Practice  (Actors and Empowerment) 

11:30-12:30 Mix of Policy Instruments: Legislation, Court Cases, Pay Transparency (Reporting)/ Certificates/ Complaints – Outputs and Practice (Actors and Empowerment) 

13:30-14:45 Multi Level/ Dimensional Issues 

  • By Level of Governing Institution: EU/ National/ Sub-National ( Federal Systems)

  • By Collective Bargain Structure: Intersectoral/ Sectoral Firm Level – Practice and Empowerment 

  • “ Street-Level”

15:00- 16:15 Outcomes/ The What If Problem

  • Direct – Gender Wages Gaps – How to Measure
  • Indirect – Change in implementers frames and social attitudes about equal pay Coffee Break
  • Overall Gender Transformation

16:15 -17:30 Closing Session


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