Gender and Materiality

Gender and Materiality

in Central and Eastern Europe in the XX C.
Colloque junior, 30/09-01/10/2021
  • Gender and MaterialityGender and Materiality


International Interdisciplinary Conference / CHSP Junior Colloquium

Organising Committee
Justina Smalkyté (Sciences Po, CHSP)
Anna Sidorevich (Sciences Po, CHSP)
Iva Jelusic (CEU)

Scientific Committee
Claire Andrieu (Sciences Po, CHSP)
Elissa Mailänder (Sciences Po, CHSP)
Sabine Dullin (Sciences Po, CHSP)
Mona Claro (Université de Liège)
Pavel Kolář (University of Konstanz)

September 30-October 1, 2021
Paris, Sciences Po (56 rue Jacob)


Day 1

  • 01:00-01:30 Arrival of participants
  • 01:30 Beginning of the conference/ Welcoming remarks by Marc Lazar and Sabine Dullin (Sciences Po, CHSP)
  • 01:45 Introduction by the organizing committee

Panel 1: Gender and corporeality

Chair: Mona Claro (Université de Liège)

  • 02:00 Maria Bucur (Indiana University) [online] 
    When the Invalids Came Home: Disability in Romania after WW1
  • 02:20 Ela Przybylo (Illinois State University) [online]
    Menstrual Justice and Invisibility: The Case of Poland
  • 02:40 Alexandra Konovalova (HSE University St. Petersburg), Pavel Vasilyev (HSE University St. Petersburg), Michele Rivkin-Fish (University of North Carolina) [online]
    Exploring the Materiality and Symbolic Powers of Oral Contraceptives (OCs) 
  • 03:00 Bella Katalin (Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest) [on-site]
    Oppression and Childlessness Choices of Female Authors in 1950s in Hungary

03:20 Discussion

04:00 Coffee break

Panel 2: Materiality of Gender: Norms and Deviations

Chair: Elissa Mailänder (Sciences Po, CHSP)

  • 04:30 Anna Dobrowolska (European University Institute in Florence) [on-site]
    In Search of Socialist Erotica. Nudity, Popular Culture and Sexualized Advertising in Late State-socialist Poland
  • 04:50 Philipp Lekmanov (University of Toronto) [online]
    Between “Bourgeois Femininity” and “Artificial Masculinity”: Female Dress Practices in the 1920s Soviet Literature
  • 05:10 Norbert Gacek (Jagiellonian University in Krakow) [on-site]
    Flamboyant Socks and Colorful Ties. Fashion and the Image of Man in 1950s Communist Poland

05:30 Discussion

06:10 Break

Panel 3: Socialist Things and Places: Gender and Embodied Identity

Chair: Pavel Kolář (University of Konstanz)

  • 06:20 Aleksandr Fokin (Tyumen State University) [online]
    Gender Spaces of the Late-Soviet City
  • 06:40 Martyna Miernecka (University of Warsaw) [on-site]
    „Stutututu”. On the Materiality of Women’s Writing in the House of  Creative Work in the Polish People’s Republic – the Perspective of Anthropology of Things
  • 07:00 Marta Chmielewska (European University Institute of Florence) [online]
    Lingerie Fashion in Socialist and Postsocialist Poland: 70 Years of Bra Production in Głowno

07:20 Discussion

Day 2

Panel 4: Gender, Violence and Displacement

Chair: Claire Andrieu (Sciences Po, CHSP)

  • 09:30 Olivera Jokić (City University of New York ) [on-site]
    On Moving and Being Moved: Women Changing Places in Early Socialist Yugoslavia
  • 09:50 Abigail Vollach (Tel Aviv University) [online]
    «A Cultural Trip to the Bathhouse»: Rediscovering the Female Body in Besieged Leningrad
  • 10:10 Elena Pavel (University Paris I – Panthéon Sorbonne) [on-site]
    The Place and the Body of Women in the Gulag (URSS)
  • 10:30 Mridula Sharma (University of Auckland) [on-site]
    Reconstructing the German ‘Other’ in Soviet Poetry: A Material Study of Male Gaze and Conflicting Narratives

10:50 Discussion

11:30 Keynote lecture: Kristen Ghodsee (University of Pennsylvania)

12:10 Final discussion

Download the Conference Poster (PDF, 136 Ko),(EN) 

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