CIVICA | Colloque final du projet DEMOS

CIVICA | Colloque final du projet DEMOS

9-10 Février 2023
  • Photo credits: Aditya Joshi, UnsplashPhoto credits: Aditya Joshi, Unsplash

CIVICA Paris Conference,

February 9-10 2023 (provisional program and titles):

Democracy and Its Discontents. A Historical Examination of the Current Predicament of Democracy

Thursday, Feb 9

  • 2pm – 4 pm
    Welcome Remarks

- Paul-André Rosental, Head of the Center for History, Sciences Po, CHSP
- Mathias Vicherat, Director, SciencesPo (TBC)

Opening Session:
Chair: Mario Del Pero (Sciences Po, CHSP)
- Andrea Colli (Bocconi), From Globalization to Fragmentation
- Claire Andrieu (SciencesPo, CHSP), What’s new in commitment? A longue durée perspective. From the 1848 club movement to the Gilets Jaunes.
- Nicolas Guilhot (EUI), Populism and Conspiracism

  • 4.30-6.30 pm

I Panel: Democracy, Sovereignty and Institutional Compromises, 17 th -20 th century examples

Chair: Dina Gusejnova (LSE)

- Laurelin Middelkoop (EUI), Sovereignty in Early Modern Confederations
- Maria Stella Chiaruttini (Vienna - Bocconi), Unified Italy and Its Discontents: From the Risorgimento to Neo-Bourbonism
- Edoardo Vaccari (LSE), How to Establish Democracy Through Federalism. Comparing the Movimento Federalista Europeo and Libérer et Fédérer (1941-1945)
- Grace Ballor (Bocconi), European Commerce Against European Policy: Retail Associations and the Social Dimensions of the Single Market Program

 Friday, February 10

  • 9 – 11 am

II Panel: Rethinking Democracy during and after the End of the Cold War (and of history)

Chair: Nicolas Guilhot (EUI)

- Jeff Hawn (LSE), Testing the narrative of the Russian Constitution prior to the 1993 Crisis
- Marc Lazar (Sciences Po, CHSP), Fascism, Populism and the resilience of democracy in Italy
- Balazs Trencsenyi (CEU), The legacy of interwar crisis discourses – populist and neoliberal visions of „permacrisis” 
- Victoria Philips (LSE/Columbia), Freedom from Want: Hunger and Food in Cold War Psychwar

  • 11.15am -12.45 pm

III Panel: 2008 as a Watershed? Democracy and the Crisis of Globalization

Chair: Marc Lazar (Sciences Po, CHSP)

- Georgios Giannakopoulos (LSE) and Iason Zarikos (University of Athens), Anti-liberal internationalism and the European South during the global financial crash
- Mario Del Pero (SciencesPo, CHSP), 2008 and the Predicament of American Democracy
- Sylvain Kahn (SciencesPo, CHSP), The idea of a crisis of democracy in Europe in the light of Brexit
2.30 – 4.30 pm

IV Panel: Democracy in the Age of Fracture. Contemporary Examples and lasting legacies

Chair: Balazs Trencsenyi (CEU)
- Alessandra Pozzo (EUI-CNRS), Anti-democratic communication codes: an overview
- Dina Gusejnova (LSE), How Europe’s Postwar Ended: Russia's war against Ukraine and the Dark Legacies of Nuremberg
- Thomas Fetzer (CEU), "Economic nationalism: The strange career of an interwar
- Leyla Safta-Zecheria (CEU), A diachronic comparison of necropolitical public crises around asylums for people with disabilities in Romania from the late 19 th to the early 21st century 

  • 4.45 – 6 pm Final Roundtable

Sergei Guriev (SciencesPo)
Federico Romero (EUI)
Dorit Geva (CEU)

Ce colloque n'est pas public.

Présentation du projet DEMOS


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