Affiliated Research Fellows

Social categories, Spain, Political and social history of the State
Colonial history / History of anticolonialism, History of the army, History of emotions, History of the contemporary "warrior phenomenon" and violence
Catholicism, Cultural History of contemporary France and Italy, History of the policies and institutions devoted to population and welfare, Public policies
International History, History of the United States, Economic History
Politics, Religion and Nation, Political an cultural history of the military, International History, Modern and Contemporary Italy
Cultural and visual history, Memory, history and comics, Cultural and visual history, Memory, history and comics, Historical memorial tales in comics and graphic novels, Traumatic memory
History of the United States, History of energy, Oil Policy and environmental policy, History of International relations
Far-left politics in France (20th century)
Global Consciousness, World Problems
World War I, Australian War Memorisation
Communist Worlds / Soviet Worlds
Violence and security, governance of metropolises, vigilantism, history and political sociology of Nigeria and South Africa, history and historiography of contemporary Africa, History of Nigerian migration to Italy
Cultural history, Modern and contemporary art exhibitions and museums, Plastic arts, Outsider art
Communism, Activists of the Parisian Communist Jewish world
British Social History, Political History of the Labor Movement, History of 20th Century Popular Culture, History of the Welfare State
US foreign policy, Cold War, Détente, Transatlantic relations, Eurocommunism
History of XIXth century political ideas, History of socialism, Political and social history of France, Great Britain and Germany (1850-1914)
Post-war art
Histoire politique, Relations internationales, Renseignement
History of Psychiatry, History of alcoholism, Social history, 19th-20th Centuries
History of Army, Cold War, World War II, History of the contemporary "warrior phenomenon" and violence
Colonial and postcolonial history, History of Asia (XIXth-XXth centuries), Violence and war, WWII
War and Coming out of War, 19th and 20th Centuries
History of colonial psychiatry, Social history of colonial Algeria, History of medical work, History of the contemporary "warrior phenomenon" and violence
Anti-Semitism, Fascism, Contemporary Italy, Mafia, the Italian South
Colonial and postcolonial history, Education, State History
History of Social Movements, History of Francophonie, History of democracy and European parliamentarism
Arts and Societies, Popular Cultures, Gender and postcolonial Studies
Law and Justice, History of contemporary colonizations and de-colonizations, Political and social history of the state, Public policies
religion and politics, Vatican Diplomacy, atheism, interfaith relations, international religious institutions, Europe and Russian world
Ecology, Ecologism, History of the lefts, History of Intellectuals
Art history, Contemporary Art, Labour history
History of Archeology, Archives of Archeology, History of science, History of Palestine, History of Israel, Jewish Studies
History of institutions, History of international relations, History of communism, Comparativ european history, Transnational history
Emergency medical services
History of empires in Asia, History of port cities in Asia, History of modern Chinese State, History of International relations, History of Law enforcement, History of war
History of social protection, History of work, Social history of the working classes, History of women and the family
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