Sylvain Kahn

European integration, Globalization's territory, Nation-state, Higher education's europeanization, European territoriality

PRAG at Sciences Po, history and geography of European integration.

PhD in geography, graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure at Fontenay-Saint-Cloud (one of the best french higher education institution, now located in Lyon) and holding the agrégation (highest state teaching qualification) in History. Sylvain Kahn also earned a degree in Geopolitics. He teaches European intergration and geopolitics at Sciences Po since 2001. As a permanent member of the Master of European Affairs of Sciences Po, he is especially in charge of the class "History of European integration".

As a permanent member of the Center for historic research of Sciences Po, his research focuses on two issues: the place and the role of the nation-state in European integration, the nature of the territoriality of the European union. Previously, he also worked on Europeanization and globalization of higher education.

He co-led the research groups "History of the European Union, Europeanisation, Enlightenment and barbary", and "European History: national identities and European dynamics".

He created the mooc Geopolitics of Europe, on line Coursera in french and in english. He published Histoire de l'Europe depuis 1945, PUF editions ; Géopolitique de l'union européenne et Dictionnaire critique de l'Union européenne, A. Colin editions, and Les universités sont-elles solubles dans la mondialisation ? Hachette edition.

Sylvain Kahn was also the producer and host of the French radio geographic program, Planète Terre ("Planet Earth") broadcast on the french national channel France Culture (2006-2016).

He was member of the jury for the history exam of the Ecole Nationale d'adaministration (ENA) and expert in the European universities evaluation program of the European University Association. Sylvain Kahn has taught in the Stanford University Program in Paris and at ENA (in a program on international relations for high-level public officials in foreign delegations).

Sylvain Kahn was in charge of European Affairs in the cabinet of the French Education Ministry, in the Poitou-Charentes regional council and at Sciences Po (1998-2005). He served as project head at the Cité des Sciences et de l'industrie museum and at the technics national museum of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers.

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  • Histoire de l'intégration européenne
  • L'UE face aux crises et aux défis : 2005-2020

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