Research Projects

Individual or collective research projects conducted within the Center are part of the intense research activity of the Center. The Center assists any member of its research community in the application procedure to national, European or international calls, as well as in the conduct of any granted research project (ANR, ERC, etc...). Besides, the Center for History regularly welcomes Marie Curie fellowship grantees and assists them within their research project.

SAB (Sciences Po)

In progress

Survival, resistance and trauma in a secondary camp of Buchenwald - A micro-history of kommando "Hecht", Guillaume Piketty [à partir du 01/01/2025]

Civic Obligations and Social Rights. A Legal and Social History, 18th-21st Century [CIVICOB], Nicolas Delalande [à partir du 01/01/2025]

- Survival and Sovereignty in Yakutia-Sakha (1985-2022), Sabine Dullin, [since 2023]

How the States grow. Seeing and couting civil servants in France, the United States and the United Kingdom, Emilien Ruiz [en cours depuis 2021 - 31/12/2024]

- Global intimacies and the colonial Life of Objects, Florence Bernault, [projet en cours depuis 2022 - 31/12/2025]

From Human Rights to Sovereignty Bindingness: A historical test-case (1945-2005) - HURISOBI, Paul-André Rosental et Mario Del Pero [2020-31/12/2024]


The European Far Left and the new social movements. A contribution to the History of the 1970s, Gerd-Rainer Horn

Trophy Protographs in WWII, Elissa Mailänder


European Projects

In progress

- Marie-Slodowska-Curie Project | "John Hume and the Creation of the European Dimension in Ireland" (JHDEDI), Maurice Fitzpatrick [02/05/2024-30/04/2026]

- Marie-Slodowska-Curie Project | "New Images of Man? Remaking Art in Postwar France, 1944-1968" (REMAKING), Lucy Whelan [01/09/2024-31/08/2026]

ERC | Voix d'esclaves / Slave Voices, Mhamed Oualdi [jusqu'au 01/10/2026]


Marie-Slodowska-Curie Project | "The Emergence of Autonomist Politics: European Radicalism after the extreme Left, 1976-1985 (AUTPO), Luca Provenzano

Marie-Slodowska-Curie Project | "Mobilising the World" (INTERALLIED), Thomas Bottelier

Marie-Slodowska-Curie Project | "Sowing and reaping the seeds of American influence: the reconstruction and reforestation of Europe", Andrew Bell

CIVICA | "Democracy and its discontents. A Historical examination of the current predicament of Democracy" (DEMOS), Mario Del Pero


Other projets

In progress

- CamPo - Collaborative Research Grants Scheme 2024 | "Global Transitions: Towards an International History of 1980s and 1990s', Jeremy Adelman / Mario Del Pero / Marion Fontaine / Andrew Preston

DéPOT | "Deindustrialization and the politics of our time", Marion Fontaine et Marion Henry

Emergence | "Shifting shores: an environmental History of morphological change in Mediterranean river deltas over the twentieth century, Giacomo Parrinello, [fin déc. 2024]


Del Luca | RiCARDO, Béatrice Dedinger et Paul Girard

- CamPo - Collaborative Research Grants Scheme 2023 | "Power and Popular Politics in Urban Africa", Fl. Bernault / Fourchard / Watson

- CamPo - Collaborative Research Grants Scheme 2022 | "Power and Popular Politics in Africa: Despotism, Protest, Smart Mobs', Fl. Bernault/Watson

Emergence | Un monde de dettes. Une histoire politique des dettes publiques en Europe et aux États-Unis du XIXe siècle à nos jours. [2015-2019]

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