Histoire@Politique is an online journal of history. Created in 2007, its principal object is politics, its history and various configurations over time. The journal considers politics in all its forms, from the history of institutions and political parties to the history of social movements, “politics from the bottom up” and all of the more or less formal or informal aspects that political action and behavior assumes. It considers all ways of “doing politics”, from ideas to practices. While the journal addresses the most frequented areas of politics (the history of the state and public policy, political actors and their sociology, the evolution of economic, social and cultural policy and the analysis of political cultures and representations), it also considers what political history may have to contribute, for example, to the history of the emotions, feelings and passions or that of gender and the arts.

This journal thus wishes to keep its eye fixed on the object of politics but without ever forgetting its protean nature.

Histoire@Politique simultaneously conceives of this political history at the national, European and international levels. From this perspective, the journal seeks to develop the themes of a comparative and connected history of politics for which the history of international relations and organizations constitutes a fertile point of entry. Similarly, though the journal focuses on the history of the twentieth century, it is open to the history of the preceding centuries since political phenomena are most often only to be understood in long-term perspective.

From a methodological point of view, the journal favors no particular approach. It is open to the various historic forms taken by politics and to considering them in all possible manners. For this reason, Histoire@Politique intends to engage in conversation – and sometimes confrontation – with the other disciplines of the human and social sciences that study politics, including political science, economics, legal studies, anthropology, philosophy, literature and geography.

Histoire@Politique is the scholarly journal of the Centre d’histoire de Sciences Po. It operates according to the international criteria of publications of this type and publishes texts in French and English. But it also aspires to be a journal that brings scholarly knowledge to a broader readership with a keen interest in history and in that way radiate beyond academia. Because it seeks to shed light on the transformations of contemporary politics, Histoire@Politique thus intends to contribute to public debate. For, as Marc Bloch wrote, “Ignorance of the past not only harms knowledge of the present; it compromises, in the present, action itself.”

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