The Sciences Po Centre for History

The Sciences Po Centre for History was founded in 1984 and brings together all research and teaching in history at Sciences Po, doctoral studies included. The CHSP is primarily concerned with political history, understood in the broadest sense and approached from a transnational and comparative perspective.

The CHSP has implemented several changes in recent years. We have increased and internationalised our staff, broadened our fields of research on a European and global scale, extended our chronological range back to the early modern period, and stepped up multidisciplinary collaboration. We have fully integrated our PhD students into our research activities, placed greater emphasis on their professional training, and regularly host post-doctoral fellows and visiting researchers.

At the CHSP, research and teaching are closely linked and geared towards a multidisciplinary, international outlook. We have 26 permanent faculty members, 50 PhD students, several post-doctoral fellows and 32 affiliated researchers, accompanied by a research support team.

We maintain several partnerships for academic collaboration with research centres, networks, and associations at the international level, such as with the London School of Economics and King’s College. The CHSP is active in the CIVICA network, established in 2019 by several major European universities including Sciences Po.

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The latest publications

Laurence Bertrand Dorléac, (ed.), Roland Barthes. Arcimboldo ou Rhétoriqueur et magicien, Éditions de la Sorbonne, coll. Tirés à part, 08/04/2021

Maurice VaïsseLe Putsch d'Alger, Editions Odile Jacob, 31/03/2021

Arts et Sociétés. Lettre du séminaire,  n° 119, "Les choses américaines" d'Edward J. Sullivan, mars 2021


Lévi-Strauss, Monique, and Emmanuelle LoyerL’Abécédaire de Claude Lévi-Strauss. Abédédaires des Lumières. Les Editions de l’Observatoire, 2021.

couverture ouvrage Nicolas Barreyre, Nicolas Delalande (dir.), A World of Public Debts. A Political History, Palgrave Macmillan, 2020

Laurence Bertrand Dorléac, Pour en finir avec la nature morte, Gallimard, nov. 2020

Mario Del Pero et Justine Faure (dir.), Décentrer la Guerrre froide, Monde(s) n°18, nov. 2020


Brigitte Gilardet, Paroles de commissaires - Histoires. Institutions. Pratiques, Les Presses du réel, Œuvres en société, nov. 2020

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