Imbert, Louis

Imbert, Louis

A French-American national, is a doctoral candidate at Sciences Po Law School since September 2017. He is writing a doctoral dissertation entitled “The Foreigner Constructed By Constitutional Judges: A Comparative Analysis of Discourses”, under the supervision of professors Guillaume Tusseau and Serge Slama.

He holds a master’s degree in Human Rights Law from Paris Nanterre University (2017) and a master’s degree in Economic Law from Sciences Po Law School (2015). He wrote his master’s theses on the recognition of refugee status for sexual minorities and on the protection of foreigners’ fundamental rights in the context of an evolving contemporary border regime.

In parallel to his studies, he interned and volunteered at various human rights NGOs in France, South Africa, Spain and Chile, particularly in the field of migrants’ rights. Today, he remains active in French and European migrants’ rights NGOs.

At Sciences Po, he has also been a tutor of the Migration clinic since September 2016. He co-supervises the projects conducted in partnership with the French NGO Anafé, which defends the rights of foreigners detained at the border.

Publications : 
  • Karine PARROT et Louis IMBERT, « La ‘crise migratoire’ fantasmée ou l’échec programmé de la forteresse Europe », Revue des Juristes de Sciences Po, n° 12, décembre 2016, pp. 49-62
  • Brigitte ESPUCHE et Louis IMBERT, « De la crisis de los refugiados/as, a la crisis de Europa », Documentación Social, n° 180, 2016, pp. 23-48


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