The Migration Clinic allows students to participate in the activities of NGOs and other actors supporting migrants in France. With the intensification of conflicts in the Middle East, migrants face an unprecedented reception crisis in the European Union Member States. As multiple debates and reforms are developing around ideas of better managing “migratory flows” and better fighting against illegal immigration, civil society, NGOs and students seek for solutions to the multiple “border situations” faced by migrants.

The Migration Clinic addresses cutting-edge issues related to the situation of migrants in France through a number of projects. It allows gaining a rich and complex understanding of immigration law through practice. It also aims at developing or consolidating students’ critical thinking in a context in which political, legal and social discourses contribute to the production of an image of migrants as “threats” or as “undesirables”.

The Migration program is taught and coordinated by Christophe Pouly.

Équipe pédagogique 2020-2021

  • Christophe Pouly
  • Bastien Charaudeau 
  • Sophie-Anne Bisiaux 
  • Marine Doisy
  • Aimée Kelley 
  • Magali Loustau-Guadalupe Miranda

PROJETS 2020-2021

Projets antérieurs

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