Internship and gap year


The Sciences Po Law School is convinced of the need to connect knowledge with professional practice. For this reason, our students intern once or several times supported by the teaching staff.

These internships have two objectives:

  • view from a new perspective the legal knowledge acquired during class
  • link this knowledge to the legal professions for which the Master in Economic Law prepares our students

Time of fulfilment of the required internship:

The internship taken during your master is an academic requirement you must fulfil in order to obtain your diploma from Sciences Po.

The internship may be taken:

  • during the summer between your two years of study (mid May to the end of August: please refer to the Sciences Po university calendar)
  • during a gap year between your two years of study
  • after your second year of study (end of April to the end of September)

Length of internship:

The master's required internship should be full time for a minimum of 14 weeks within one organization (law firm, business firm...).

Gap year

In order to strengthen their knowledge through practice in the professional world, the Sciences Po Law School invites students of the Master in Economic Law to consider a gap year between their first year, during which they will have developed the fundamentals of law and economic law, and their year of specialization that completes the program.

The gap year may be divided into two five-month internships (September-January and February-June). Students may intern at a law firm, a company, or an economic regulation agency.

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