The objective of DIGILAW is to train and work with law students to find concrete solutions to a practical problem:

  • How can the values and rights needed to sustain democracies and the common good be upheld and ensured in our digital world?
  • What is the role of the law in this environment where technologies, infrastructures, big players and users themselves construct normativities beyond the law itself?

Indeed, from the early decentralized infrastructure of the Internet, that held the promise of a space independent of the tyrannies of the Governments of the Industrial world, the Internet is now largely dominated by seven technology companies whose business practices, and AI intermediated decision-making, can be harmful for society and democracy. It has also become a tool that can facilitate discrimination, reinforce inequalities, unleash hate speech and disinformation, and allow for censorship and increased surveillance by governments.
Awareness is hence growing that in cyberspace, as in real space, safeguarding rights and sustaining order to protect the common good is crucial.

DIGILAW will involve teams of students and researchers working on action-research projects addressing these issues, designed in collaboration with a range of partners from civil society, public institutions and private actors.

The DIGILAW clinic is funded as part of the New Digital Rule of Law project with the McCourt Institute.

Pedagogical Team 

The DIGILAW clinic programme is taught in English and is coordinated by :

Projects 2022-2023

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