Sociologie de l'environnement, Inégalités urbaines et justice environnementale , Consommation durable
Elites and public action, Inequalities in higher education and research, Public action, Public policy and transformations of the state
Public policy analysis, , Health policy in Europe and the USA, Comparative analysis (France, UK, USA, Netherlands, Germany)
Health, Public action
Henri Bergeron
Public policies, Institutional entrepreneurship, Organization and health
Critical Policy Analysis , Socio-Legal Studies, Discrimination and Inequalities
Environment, Risks, Health security, Public action, Sociology of health
Occupations and work, Economic sociology, Computational methods
Sociology of agriculture, Environmental health, Knowledge, science, and expertise, Data infrastructure and geographic information systems
Patrick Castel
Health, Public action, Organization theory
History of consumption, Business History, History of Christian organizations
Sociology of public action, Sociology of science and technology, Sociology of labour, Instruments and instrumentation of public action
Labour, Unemployment, Careers
Economic sociology, Environment, Public Policies, Mobilizations
Economic sociology, Firms and economic elites, Sociology of art
Sociology of memory, Public policy analysis, History of the Shoah
Work, Professions, Coordination
Environmental health, Occupational health, Production of ignorance
Jeanne Lazarus
Sociology of banking, Consumption, Money
Sociology of organisations, Economic sociology, Sociology of networks
History and sociology of law and lawyers, Apprenticeship in France, Economic institutions
Sociology of market techniques , Business and everyday uses of digital technologies, Economy and regulation of personal data
Christine Musselin
Knowledge, science, expertise, Public policy and transformations of the state
Health, Medicines, Public action
Professional relations, Risks and health at work, Labor law, Expertise, Sociology of law
Economic sociology, Macroeconomic forecasting
Gwenaële Rot
Sociology of work, Sociology of firms, Sociology of organizations
Economic sociology, Social change, Technical innovations
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